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we can fly above the tallest trees

Kahikatea ka taea – we can fly above the tallest trees – is an artwork exhibition collected by the LINK 2021 organisers to showcase emergent artists, designers, and researchers. Curated by Priscilla Arantes, the show features seven main themes, embodying the inseparable relationship between research and creative practice. The themes articulate significant areas of enquiry from 16 countries around the world that encapsulate the artistic emergency where the practice is at the forefront of the thinking.
In this first edition, the exhibition selected artworks that address urgent social and political themes, immerse into personal and affective narratives, study the relationship between nature and technology, experiment with photographic and audio-visual material and diverge into new educational methodologies.

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LINK 2021 Exhibition designed by Hazel Hewison.

Curated by Priscila Arantes.

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