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Andrés Felipe Restrepo Suárez

Lívia Mara Botazzo França 

Bárbara Milano

Carolina Velasquez

Demétrio Portugal

Dudu Tsuda 

Ivonne Villamil 

Jorge Ferreira Franco

Júlia Iwanaga 

Roberto Santos 

Silmara Franco

Lena Kilina


SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg
SaintsParadox - 128 - 1.jpeg

Outramento is a collective curatorial proposition based on the encounters of the research field 'Poetics of Time and Space', during the first semester of 2021. We start from the dynamics of these meetings to reach this intersection that approaches us as artists and researchers and establishes this space / time of affection and the otherness. To consider the idea of encounter in its maximum potential. To be the multiplicity of beings and intentions. What do we find in the other? What of us is found in the other? We evoke forms of this delivery, this encounter, this desire for viscosity. We ritualize the cure, the community; we transmute borders into interpenetrating and interpenetrating imaginaries; we celebrate exchange in this other temporality.

Andrés Suárez, Et al.

São Paulo State University

Andrés Felipe Restrepo Suárez was born in Colombia. In 2014, he completed his bachelor's degree in Maestro in fine arts at the Universidad de Caldas - Colombia. In 2020, he began his postgraduate studies at Paulista State University – IA-UNESP in the line of Artistic Processes and Procedures. Suárez has participated in different national and international artistic residencies, as well as multiple collective and individual exhibitions, biennials, regional and national salons.

Bárbara Milano is a fruit between black, white and the ancestor of the Pindorama land, lives and produces from the city of São Paulo and itinerants. Member of the National collective TROVOA, in 2021 he held his first solo exhibition MATERNAGEM (SP) and was part of the Pivô Pesquisa program residency with the work CICLO CURA. She is a Master's student in Arts at UNESP with the research FOTOGRAFIA RITUAL.

Carolina Velasquez: self-declared Aymara Quechua Indian descendant, first Brazilian generation of a Bolivian family. Visual artist, holds a bachelor's degree from UNESP, a postgraduate degree in Artistic practices from FAAP, and a master's degree from UNESP. Her research crosses the fields of memory over ancestral landscapes and the reconstruction of their cultural identity through the languages of performance, photography and conversation circles and performance with audiences.



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